Zoe & Vincent | Deckhouse


What a day! 

I remember it was about 16 hours of coverage on that day, it was such a long day that I almost lost count on the time. Morning getting ready, tea ceremony, lion dance, civil ceremony, location then reception! When I finished on that day, to be honest I couldn't even feel my legs.

Zoe & Vincent, both of them are working as medical general practice. Both of them have a strong interest in the medical field which was also the reason why they got to know each other back in school. They started as just friends and classmates for a few years, and somehow the chemistry between them started to appear towards the end of their study, and that chemistry just got stronger & stronger till now.

Vincent is definitely one of the most interesting grooms I've never met! He is always in front of everyone with his super energy and his endless humour! And that has definitely made his other half Zoe the happiest bride on that day!